Day 14 of Believing the Girl – Triggered


A poignant view into a therapy session. This is genuine.

Evening session with E. The realer it gets, the closer I get to the floor. Today I didn’t even try to sit in the chair. I started out cross-legged on the floor, leaning against the cushioned chair, E. across from me in her therapy chair.

“I had such a plan for this session,” I tell her. “I printed out copies of a couple of my blog posts and of pictures from the girl. Especially one picture, a painting she made that she then wrote on.” “But I had errands to run earlier. One of them took longer than I thought, so I didn’t have the time swing back home to get my journal and papers. I’m so aggravated!”

“I like it when you bring you show-and-tell,” she smiles.

“Yeah, well it makes it a bit easier talk to you using the pictures. I wanted to share them,” I know…

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