Two Jonquils


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Two jonquils, mirroring white clouds and the yellow sun –

I remember the kind hands of a friend deftly planting them in my raggedy garden.

“They’ll never make it in this soil.” I silently thought.

And yet, here they are – a year later,

Two jonquils, mirroring white clouds and the yellow sun –

Teaching me about faith.

Dear Cat


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Photo from Bing

Much love and gratitude to Meeshka – my friend’s sweet purring therapy cat

I reblogged this from Pooky’s Poems in 2015.  Meeshka, my friend’s dear cat just had to be put to sleep at the ripe old age of eighteen.  She will be mourned and missed.

Pooky's Poems

Stroking your fur,
I sink into your purr
And I feel my anxiety lessen.

The stress of the day,
Floats so gently away,
In my life you’re a wonderful blessing.

I cuddle you tight,
When things aren’t feeling right,
You don’t judge,
You don’t tut,
You just listen.

You allow me to speak,
When I’m low or I’m weak,
Cat-less folk do not know
What they’re missing.

[For Mork and Mindy on theur tenth birthday]

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